Slot Machine Attendant

Description of the function

The slot machine attendant reports to the operations supervisor for the sector. He is responsible for customer service as well as for proper operation of the slot machines. He must in particular:

  • Courteously welcome customers and explain to them how the slot machines work, the rules of the game, the possibilities of winning
  • Promote the casino’s various activities, special operations and commercial events
  • Ensure proper operation of the equipment and intervene for minor faults and breakages
  • Make payment of lots and make change when requested by customers
  • Oversee the integrity of the games and alert the supervisor of any anomalies
  • Monitor players and ensure that they are using the casino’s equipment properly
  • Assist customers who are having difficulties and ensure their comfort and well-being with the aim of satisfying them and retaining their loyalty
  • Resolve minor disputes with customers
  • Ensure that customers do not use any means to distort the random operation of the slot machines
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the slot machine game areas


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Have a high school diploma (DES)
  • Have at least two years experience
  • Knowledge of spoken English
  • Knowledge of the rules and procedures for the games inherent to the sector

No minimum level of education is required, the main criterion is motivation. This training is therefore aimed at all who are seeking a vocational guidance or retraining.

Personal qualities

  • Careful presentation
  • Diligence
  • Professional attitude in all circumstances
  • Proven sense of customer service
  • Excellent interpersonal communications


  • Minimum hourly wage: $21.51
  • Maximum hourly wage: $26.30

The word of the professionals

Interview with Benoît Carmel, Team Leader, Organizational, Training and Staffing Development for Human Resources Management at the Montreal Casin

What profile are you seeking in a slot machine attendant?

The candidate does not have to do much calculation, unlike the cashier, since the machine gives the total. A few years ago the slot machine would stop if there were winnings of $500 or more. The player would then have to wait while the attendant made the payment and allowed the machine to resume gaming mode. The attendant therefore was doing a lot of transactions. Today, in all our casinos, the machine only stops when winnings reach $2,000. The attendant’s role is therefore less oriented toward payments and papers to fill out and more on customer service. This is a positive development both for him and for the player.

Do you conduct checks to ensure the candidate’s integrity?

Yes, of course. First of all, for all our positions, our candidates must be adults. Then we carry out an enquiry to make sure they have a clean criminal record. Finally, each candidate must complete a medical questionnaire so we can know if they are able to work in a casino environment. For example, for some people it is not recommended for them to work in a noisy environment. network