Security guard or entrance controller

The security guard or entrance controller works full time or part time, during the casino’s public opening hours.The time can range from 10am to 4am. Times can vary depending on the season and size of the casino.

Description of the function

The security agent or entrance controller must participate in maintaining order and oversee security and respect for the casino’s standards of conduct and rules. He must in particular:

  • Exercise preventive supervision by explaining to customers the regulations in force.
  • Monitor entrances, exits, comings and goings of customers and employees.
  • Ensure compliance with the dress code
  • Participate in payment of slot machine lots and in the procedure for validation of certain transactions
  • Oversee transport of units of value
  • Ensure the integrity and following of financial procedures by supervision and validation of certain transactions
  • Carry out periodic inspection rounds and report to his superior anyone likely to be a risk
  • Carry out the outdoor patrol around the sites under the casino’s jurisdiction
  • Lock and unlock the doors
  • Inform customers and direct them to qualified staff
  • Participate in inquiries and write up incident reports (accidents, injuries, lost objects, etc.)


  • Have a high school diploma (DES)
  • Hold a security guard license from the Bureau de la sécurité privée
  • Have at least two years of relevant experience
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Knowledge of the English language
  • Knowledge of basic first aid and building security

Personal qualities

  • Powers of observation
  • Proven sense of customer service
  • Ability to maintain self-control and vigilance
  • Available to work on shifts
  • Have a neat presentation and absolute discretion
  • Be rigorous, neat and have a strong taste for order
  • Have a good memory


  • Minimum hourly wage: $21.17
  • Maximum hourly wage: $25.09

The word of the professionals

Interview with Benoît Carmel, Team Leader, Organizational, Training and Staffing Development for Human Resources Management at the Montreal Casino

What profile are you seeking for the position of security guard or entrance controller?

Some security officers play the role of entrance controller – they are posted at strategic locations, such as the employees’ entrance or the artists’ entrance. The security guard is more on the customers’ side, seated behind a counter as the customer service agent. He has to make sure that the customer is at least 18 years old, for example.

This job has changed a lot. Can you tell us in a few words?

Previously, the security guard spent time settling disputes. Today, there are few quarrels in the casinos. The atmosphere is quiet and friendly. Casinos are among the safest places in a city. The role of the security guard is now more focused on customer service. At the Casino de Montréal, we have a small number of our officers (15 out of 200) who have firefighter training. We have our own fire station given that Montreal is an island.