About Hospitalityjobs.ca

About Hospitalityjobs.ca

Hospitalityjobs.ca has specialized in publishing hospitality, accommodation and catering jobs. A new member of the Jobs.ca network of specialized Canadian websites, since September 2017,  Hospitalityjobs.ca posts hundreds of job offers across the country. It covers jobs as varied as kitchen staff, head waiter, bar or events, front desk supervisor, reception and customer service, housekeeping or maintenance services, entertainment, sport or leisure, and hotel or restaurant administration and management.

Designed for hospitality professionals, Hospitalityjobs.ca has quickly become essential for those who wish to get ahead in their career in this field. Companies such as La Cage, Fairmount, Intrawest, Marriott, etc…, and many others regularly use Hospitalityjobs.ca to supplement their staff. These recruiters appreciate finding a pool of specific candidates, dedicated to hospitality fields.

Whether you are a cook, a wine waiter, a head waiter, server, guide, activity organizer, housekeeping attendant, dishwasher, purchasing manager, receptionist, you will easily find job offers, for the most part exclusive and targeted  out of the wide range of professions represented.

A full section is dedicated to job search and offers articles and advice entirely designed for professionals in hospitality: how to write a resume that stands out, what are the opportunities and perspectives in restauration jobs, how much time does training in hospitality management take, how is it working in a luxury hotel, etc.

Hospitalityjobs.ca is also a valuable reference tool for candidates who want their careers to take off. Every day, its blog and practical advice will help you decode the news to find career opportunities, learn about the best employers in hospitality fields, how to manage and motivate your kitchen team,  how to avoid stress during peak times, and thanks to the news roundup and “Notice of Appointment” section you will always be informed about the latest news related to the field of hospitality industry.


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