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How to Search for an International Job?

Do you want to work in a luxury hotel in Bora Bora? Here are some tips to search for an international job.   The first question is, is it the same sending your CV here or elsewhere? The answer is yes. “The format for CVs is pretty standard, no matter which country you are in,” says […]

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What do you think of becoming a hotel concierge?

The hotel concierge profession has its moments of exciting and rewarding glamour. But don’t become a concierge just because of them! There are many and varied challenges, and to overcome them, aspiring concierges must have certain qualities. Here are a few. 1. To be a hotel concierge, you must demonstrate resourcefulness In the concierge’s business, […]

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Dare to apply without having all the qualifications !

Employers are increasingly demanding with regards to the skills of administrative employees. However, it is quite rare for a candidate to have all the requirements. Here are some tips of what to emphasize when you decide to apply without having all the qualifications. Zaïda B. Mangones, employability consultant at the Club de recherche d’emploi de […]

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10 Good Reasons to Work in the Hotel Industry

There are many benefits to working in a hotel. What are they? 1. Acquiring exemplary customer service experience Hotels are distinguished places, where the staff demonstrate exemplary courtesy and politeness to customers. There is no better school to learn the art of customer service. 2. Knowing how to respond to requests from all directions  Working […]

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Working at Night in the Hospitality Industry

Some people who work at night, in hotels and restaurants, for example, wouldn’t change their place for anything in the world! Working shifts when everyone is asleep is certainly tiring, but still has several benefits… For more than three years, Geneviève has worked in a Montreal nightclub. From 9pm to 4 in the morning, she […]


Hospitality Management Education: Prospects and Opportunities

Hospitality management education – The hospitality professions are in high demand in Quebec, across Canada and worldwide. They therefore open great opportunities for those who love to travel and experience life. To find out more, we talked to Jean-Thomas Henderson, a professor at the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) and at UQAM […]


How To Manage a Kitchen Team: Interview With Jérôme Ferrer

How to manage a kitchen team well – Cook, manager, team leader: the head chef wears many hats. He is also responsible for the restaurant’s reputation and smooth running. What expertise does he have to have to don the apron of this super conductor? What are the challenges to be overcome? In short, how to […]


Interview with Anne-Sophie Hugron: Working in a Luxury Hotel

Working in a luxury hotel – Do you have training in hotel management and do palaces make you dream? A career in a five-star hotel could be yours! If it seems at first to be a difficult step to take, don’t hesitate to jump in, because working in this type of establishment is not reserved […]

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Tips: Should Tipping be Abolished or Shared ?

Should tipping be abolished?: the question has been tormenting the restaurant community for years. In Europe, the reward for service is included in the bill at a uniform rate. When paying, the consumer is not surprised and doesn’t ask questions. But here, it’s a completely different reality and opinions on the question are divided. Who […]

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A Briton lands the Best Job in the World

A Briton lands the Best Job in the World In total, 34,684 people applied for the Best Job in the World: island caretaker off the coast of Australia for a salary of AUD$25,000 a month (about CAD$22,000). After a first selection of 50 candidates, then 16 finalists, Britain’s Ben Southall, 34, won the highly coveted […]

Oddly enough

Fired for a Timbit

Fired for a Timbit Last May, Nicole Lilliman, a Tim Hortons employee, was fired for giving a free Timbit to a baby. The 27-year-old immediately successfully alerted the media. But the story does not end there! Nicole Lilliman had worked for Tim Hortons for three years. For her, it was normal to give a child a 16¢ Timbit, but […] network

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