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What Are the Benefits of Working in a Large Hotel?

There are many benefits to working in a large hotel. What are they? Here are some of them…   Get a better salary and social benefits Belonging to international chains, these large establishments often offer a salary and social benefits that are competitive compared to smaller hotels. Bonuses, social club or a personal travel discount […]


Is There a Labour Shortage in the Restaurant Field?

More and more restaurants are struggling to find chefs and cooks, so much so that some are finding creative ways of competing to fill their vacancies. The shortage of qualified labour to work in the kitchen is very real and has been felt more this summer than ever before. From the Gaspé to Victoria, many […]

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Little Extras to Boost Your Tips

While neat appearance and a nice smile are basic parts of the server’s vocation, are there other gestures or secrets for getting more generous tips? Here are some ideas to try out… Introduce yourself to customers For Nicolas, a server in a Laval restaurant with thirteen years of experience at the counter, it is important […]


Tourism and Hospitality – 5 Professions in Demand

The tourist industry, like many other sectors of the Canadian economy, is experiencing the effects of the scarcity of labour. In its case, however, these consequences are magnified by the growth of tourism across the country. In 2017, Canada welcomed a record 20.8 million international visitors. Domestic tourism is also growing, to such an extent […]


Is a Bartender Diploma a Good Idea?

With the new attraction for mixology, bars are finding new life and bartender’s qualifications are developing. To demystify the vast world of alcohol, several schools have been started. But what exactly do they offer? Previously considered as a simple student job, where the tasks consisted of mixing only one type of alcohol and a liqueur, […]


Newcomers – Help with Working in Canadian Hotels

The government of Canada has just launched a 3-year pilot project to help newcomers find work in Canadian hotels. Good news for the tourist industry, in dire need of manpower. The tourism industry provides work for 1.7 million people from coast to coast, according to data collected in 2016 by Tourism HR Canada, and this […]


Sommelier in a Hotel – An Exciting Job

As important as the dishes on the menu, the wine, and the person who recommends it – the sommelier – are an integral part of the reputation of a good restaurant, especially in hotels. Close-up on this exciting profession whose job prospects are very good for the next few years throughout Quebec. Server and Manager […]

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The Risks of Working Standing Up

Whether you are a cashier or a waiter in a restaurant, these professional activities require you to stand for several hours at a time. How do you avoid back pain? Advice from a specialist. As recognized by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), a protracted standing and semi-immobile position causes work-related musculoskeletal […]

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Profitable Part-Time Jobs

Crossing guard, waiter, private tutor – there are many part-time jobs that pay more than the minimum wage. Here is a quick overview… Waiter or bartender It’s well-known – a waiter at a very busy restaurant or bar can in one evening collect a plump sum in tips. Two shifts per week in one of […]

Pay and benefits

What is the Future of Tipping?

There are two opposing camps: those who want restaurant servers to share their tips with the kitchen staff and those who prefer the status quo. Here are their arguments. The reality is as follows: servers earn average of $24/hr while kitchen staff are often capped under $20/hr, with $18.58/hr for head chefs and $15.75/hr for […]


Tour Guides – What Skills Set Them Apart?

Tour guide can be a dream job, because it lets you travel and share your passion and knowledge of a city, a site or a culture. However, it’s a seasonal job, often paid per assignment. How can you retain your clientele and employers? A tour guide is a professional, generally independent, who assists a group […]

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4 Regions Where to Work in the Tourism Industry this Summer

Quebec’s tourism industry has annual revenues of $12.8 billion, with 31,292 establishments across the province in restaurants (50%), recreation and entertainment (21%), accommodation (18%), transport (7%) and travel services (4%), and with a large majority being small businesses (84% have less than 20 employees) and a workplace that is often enchanting. Want to participate in […]

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