Customer Service Representative

Description of the function

The customer service representative must offer an exceptional welcome to customers. His main role is to inform customers about the different services offered at the casino. He must in particular:

  • Receive and welcome customers by meeting their needs, diligently and courteously, while providing personalized service
  • Inform customers about all the services offered, the casino’s games and special events as well as on the regions tourist attractions
  • Courteously welcome groups arriving by bus and provide the necessary information
  • Conduct guided tours for customers, organized groups and special guests
  • Distribute gifts or promotions to players targeted by loyalty programs
  • Issue general freebies
  • Collect and answer comments and suggestions from customers
  • Resolve any disputes


  • Have a high school diploma
  • Minimum of 3 years relevant experience
  • Very good knowledge of spoken English
  • Knowledge of the region and tourist attractions.

Personal qualities

  • Proven sense of customer service
  • Ability to use a computer system
  • Excellent relational and interpersonal skills
  • Team spirit


  • Minimum hourly wage: $21.17
  • Maximum hourly wage: $25.09

The word of the professionals

Interview with Benoît Carmel, Team Leader, Organizational, Training and Staffing Development for Human Resources Management at the Montreal Casino

What profile are you seeking for the position of customer service representative?

Casinos today are not only just places for games. They offer an overall experience for customers. It begins with excellent customer service. It is the DNA of our five casinos in Quebec but also of many casinos across Canada. The position of customer representative must therefore demonstrate a high level of interpersonal skills and a strong sense of customer service.

How does the interview work?

With a view to offering outstanding customer service to our customers, we ask candidates to give us their vision of customer service. In general, we obtain a response that understands the usual standards of customer service. We then ask them to detail what they believe is outstanding customer service, to see if their requirements match ours. We want candidates who excel when facing the customer, who really care for an impeccable welcome and incomparable service. network