Description of the function

The dealer leads the tables of traditional games (Roulette, Black Jack, Poker…) and ensures their smooth operation. He is in continuous contact with the players.

He must in particular: 

  • Welcome the player to the table 
  • Explain the game to novice players 
  • Exchange cash for chips, check that the board is full and the credit of the chips
  • Receive and inspect the cards, shuffle them and distribute them
  • Conduct play in accordance with the rules 
  • Pay the players and pick up the cash 
  • Create and maintain a rhythm of play 
  • Monitor clients’ actions and gestures and ensure the game proceeds with integrity 

The dealer may exercise his craft in casinos, on cruise ships or in gaming circles. He works full time or part time, mostly in the evening and at night. Hours vary by season and the size of the casino.


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Have a high school diploma (DES)
  • Have at least one year of relevant customer experience

Some casinos do not require specific training and especially consider the candidate’s motivation. Many provide personalized training.

Personal qualities

  • Proven sense of customer service
  • Team spirit
  • Great manual dexterity  
  • Aptitude for mental calculation
  • Sustained attention and speed of execution
  • Knowledge of the English language
  • Irreproachable integrity (verification through a security clearance)


  • Minimum hourly wage: $23/hr
  • Tips extra

The word of the professionals

Interview with Benoît Carmel, Team Leader, Organizational, Training and Staffing Development for Human Resources Management at the Montreal Casino

What profile are you seeking for a dealer position?

We are looking for candidates who have a lot of interpersonal skills and a good sense of customer service. The position of dealer has changed a lot in recent years. Casinos used to be only game oriented. Now they seek to offer a global entertainment-oriented experience. Most of the casinos in Canada make games available to customers, but also shows and restaurants. While previously the dealer had to stay behind his table without smiling, to appear as neutral as possible, he now plays a key role in the atmosphere created at a gaming table. His role is much more focused on customer service.

How does the recruitment interview work?

The interview takes place behind a Black Jack table to assess the candidate’s manipulation skills. Of course, he is asked some conventional questions, but he is also placed in a situation, he is shown the basics of the craft in order to detect his skills and manipulating the chips.

Is there training to become a dealer?

No, but here in the five casinos in Quebec, we provide five weeks of training to recruited candidates. At the end of this training they will be considered as an employee of the casino. Several other casinos across Canada offer to train candidates. network