Description of the function

The valet has to offer an outstanding welcome to customers who arrive by car at the casino entrance and be responsible for parking the car at the customer’s request. He must in particular:

  • Manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic at the casino’s main entrance
  • Receive and welcome the customer with diligence and courtesy
  • Answer any requests for information from customers
  • Remit the coupon to the customer and park his car in the reserved spaces while respecting the Highway Code and procedures in force
  • Move the cars carefully so as to free up the entrance to the casino as quickly as possible
  • Complete and file the coupons with the car keys following the procedures in force
  • When the customer leaves, take the coupon, get the car, open the door for the customer and thank him for his visit
  • Call taxis as requested by the customer


  • Have a high school diploma (DES)
  • Have at least one years experience related to the responsibilities
  • Have an appropriate and valid drivers license
  • Knowledge of the English language

Personal qualities

  • Able to drive cars with a manual transmission
  • Excellent physical condition
  • Sense of customer service


  • Minimum hourly wage: $14.81
  • Maximum hourly wage: $16.10
  • Tips extra

The word of the professionals

Interview with Benoît Carmel, Team Leader, Organizational, Training and Staffing Development for Human Resources Management at the Montreal Casino

What profile are you seeking for the position of valet?

Obviously, the valet must know how to drive a manual or automatic car. But today, this job also consists of providing excellent customer service. He must therefore have a great deal of interpersonal skills and express himself clearly and courteously.

We want to offer our customers an overall experience that begins with a great welcome. This is part of the DNA of a casino. network