Restaurant Industry Job Description

You will find here hospitality and tourism related tools and resources to help you choose a career in hospitality, catering and tourism, apply on waiter, cook or concierge positions, prepare for a room service attendant interview, assess your guest relations and services skill set, and much more.

Head waiter

Description of the function The head waiter must coordinate all dining room activities in order to provide customers with quality service. He works in collaboration with the wine steward and the chef de cuisine to develop the menus. He also provides the link between the dining room, the kitchen and management. His duties may vary from […]

Restaurant Manager

Description of the function The restaurant manager is responsible for management of the restaurant. He must plan, organize, direct and control operation of the establishment in order to ensure efficiency and profitability. He must in particular: Hire staff and prepare work schedules Oversee management of the restaurant’s financial resources (preparation of budgets, control of operating […]

Head chef (or chef de cuisine)

Description of the function The head chef is responsible for creating the menu and creating new dishes. He is also responsible for the kitchen staff and management of the supply budgets. He must in particular: Create the menu and create new dishes Manage the procurement budgets for fresh produce Manage procurement of quality produce Manage […]


Description of the function The cook’s task is to prepare and cook food from recipes  and menus in order to offer quality food and meet the needs and tastes of the customers of a restaurant, hotel, community facility, cafeteria or other.  In a traditional or community restaurant, the cook prepares and creates dishes, from the […]

Pastry Chef

Description of the function The pastry chef has to prepare the pastries (cookies, pies, cakes, specialty pastries, etc.) for consumption or retail sale, according to the recipes prepared by the chef de cuisine. He carefully monitors the cooking and carries out decoration with care. From turning to lifting, including glazing and demoulding, he performs the […]

Cook’s assistant (or kitchen help)

Description of the function The cook’s assistant helps the cook who prepares the meals by performing simple tasks to accelerate preparation of the meals. He must in particular: Make basic preparations for certain dishes or desserts Wash, peel and cut fruits and vegetables Clean, cut and chop meat and fish Weigh and prepare ingredients Monitor […]

Busboy (runner)

Description of the function The busboy (runner) must set up, clean and clear the tables to meet the needs of the establishment and the customers. He must in particular: Load trays and trolleys to transport dishes and utensils from the kitchen to the dining room and vice versa Clear the table after the customer leaves […]


Description of the function The dishwasher is responsible for washing dishes to help staff keep the kitchen clean and orderly. He must in particular: Wash dishes, glasses and utensils by hand or using a dishwasher Scrub pots and pans Clean refrigerators, ovens and kitchen equipment Keep the kitchen clean Empty the waste bins Prerequisites No […] network