Description of the function

The concierge is a customer service specialist. He is found mostly in chateaus or luxury manor houses and in private establishments or affiliates of major international chains.

His duty is to provide guests with information and personalized services. A difficult and demanding job, the concierge is the first person the guest encounters when he crosses the threshold of a luxury establishment. His role is to excel so that each guest feels they are a special guest.

He must in particular:

  • Take care of welcoming guests and providing information about the conditions of their stay
  • Give room keys, transmit messages, check deposits, receipt and transport of luggage
  • Make the link with the hotels internal services (restaurant, shops, hairdresser…) and external services (travel agent, doctor, tourist guide, theatres, taxis, tourist attractions, activities in the region)
  • Make the stay as pleasant as possible
  • Know the tastes and habits of guests to provide a personalized service
  • Keep abreast of everything (nightclubs in fashion, gourmet restaurants, successful theatre plays) and continually add to your address book to meet any request
  • Deal with complaints
  • Exchange foreign currency

In large hotels, the concierge has several people under him. Responsible for the lobby, he manages the activity of staff working there: the reception team, luggage handlers, bellhops…
The work is often in the evenings, weekends and/or holidays. Organization of the work may vary according to the tourist season.


Generally, no special experience is required, but experience with customer contact is an asset. Some employers prefer candidates with training, and many required a high school diploma (DES).

Personal qualities

  • Customer service and sales skills
  • Very good memory, especially visual 
  • Sense of initiative, resourcefulness 
  • Good general knowledge 
  • Concern for perfection 
  • Courtesy
  • Discretion, innate sense of service
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Tolerance for stress
  • Fluency in English


Like any other function working in the tourist industry, compensation varies according to the experience of the employee, the company’s situation and the job itself. network