Description of the function

A bellhop’s duty is to greet guests at the main entrance and in a hotel’s lobby. He brings them to their room and carries their luggage on arrival and departure.

He must in particular:

  • Take care of mail to be sent, theatre tickets to be collected
  • Take care of messages to be delivered to guests or shopping for guests outside the hotel
  • Distribution of newspapers
  • Collaborate with other services
  • Keep the lobby orderly
  • Assist with monitoring access and security of property and persons
  • Collect laundry to be washed or cleaned and deliver it when cleaned
  • Operate the elevator
  • Take care of found objects and deal with complaints

In a large hotel, he is under the responsibility of the concierge or reception manager.


Generally, no special experience is required, but experience with customer contact can be an asset. In addition, many employers require a high school diploma (DES).

Personal qualities

  • A strong sense of contact and service 
  • Good physical condition
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Very good knowledge of the nearby region and tourist attractions.
  • Perfect presentation 
  • Efficiency, speed 
  • Diplomacy, politeness
  • Attention to detail and sense of order 
  • Ability to speak several languages an asset 


Like any other function working in the tourist industry, compensation varies according to the experience of the employee, the company’s situation and the job itself.

This work is often carried out by alternating teams. It requires working long hours of standing and sometimes requires working evenings, weekends and holidays. Organization of the work may vary according to the tourist season.

The number of working hours is approximately 40 hours per week.

The word of the professionals

Francis Allard, bellhop-valet-porter at the Le Germain Montreal Hotel (

What does your job consist of?

The position of valet-porter-bellhop is simple enough: on arrival, the guests must be welcomed to the hotel, their baggage taken care of, you give them a car coupon, park their car, bring the luggage to their room and explain to them how it works. When they leave, their luggage must be collected from the room, you pick up the car (or call a taxi) and offer them help, for example, an itinerary.

Obviously, this is only the basics of the job. I try as much as possible to know the hotel’s guests (while keeping a professional distance) and recognize them in order to create a relationship with them so they feel appreciated and at ease. I also have to be available and listening to anticipate and respond to their needs and requests and offer personalized service. The position of valet is also a position of support. It’s necessary to be able to answer the phone when the receptionist is busy and to suggest restaurants and activities when the concierge cannot do it himself

So taking care of handling luggage and parking cars is secondary. The most important thing is to be present for customers and learn to know them so the entire team can work together and provide them with a memorable and personalized stay.

What do you like most about your job?

It is a dynamic job that requires doing multiple tasks. I like that aspect very much.  I am always on the move while I work and my interactions with guests are always different. It lets me talk with people from all over the world and learn a bit more about their country and their culture. For my part, I pass on my passion for Montreal.

In your opinion, what are the two main qualities that you have to have for this job and why?

Interpersonal skills and proactiveness, definitely. You have to be able to carry on a conversation with clients, whether you know them or not. This is doubly useful since it lets you get to know them while they have to wait in the hotel lobby, such as when waiting for a taxi.

It’s necessary to be proactive to respond to customer requests, anticipate their needs and settle problems before they arise. So we create a pleasant environment so they can take full advantage of their stay without having to worry about the details. network