Appointments in Hospitality for May 2019

Travis Gomes @AB World Foods Ltd

Travis Gomes is no longer with Mark Anthony Group. From this point on, he will begin working as Supply Chain North America at AB World Foods Ltd in York.

Dave Jensen @Parkland Fuel Corporation

Dave Jensen has taken up the role of Real Estate Manager at Parkland Fuel Corporation in Calgary. He had previously filled the role of Leasing at Husky Energy.

Damian Wills @NUVO Network

Damian Wills has been appointed as a Director of Culinary Experiences & Food Culture at NUVO Network in Burlington. He had been a Director of Innovation & Experience - Culinary & eCommerce at Beretta Farms Inc. up until now.

Ahmet Yesildag @Marriott International

Ahmet Yesildag has been recruited by Marriott International as a Hotel Specialist in Toronto. He was previously employed as a General Manager at Titanic Hotels.

Mo Fajro @Horwath HTL

Mo Fajro has left MADAEF, Hospitality Investment Company, CDG. Now, he will begin working as Senior Hospitality Consultant at Horwath HTL in Montreal.

Alyssa Sunderani @Choice Hotels International

Alyssa Sunderani was hired by Choice Hotels International as Business Owner & General Manager, Choice Hotels International in Toronto. She was previously employed as Director of Human Resources at Ventura Foods Canada.

Chrystine Vandendriessche @London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC)

Chrystine Vandendriessche left McCormick & Company to join London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) in London as a Manager of Food Services. network